This powerful sentence is the conclusion of a wonderful story called “The journey to Emmaus”.

 If we look at it carefully we can find few key terms. They talk about their hearts, and they are surprised that their hearts did not burn
within their chests.

 One would ask why would their hearts burn within them and the answer is that, because Christ was walking with them and opening to
them the Scriptures.

 What a wonderful opportunity. How many people get to enjoy such a chance! Many times in the past I have asked myself this
question: What would happen if Christ was born in to this century and if He walked into a different Church every Sunday?
 Would people’s hearts burn in their Chests or would they greet him and suggest Him to get membership? Would they at least tell Him
about Himself?

 Blessed were his disciples who saw him, touched his wounds and followed him. He himself told these fortunate men that even the
prophets dreamed to see what they see but have not seen.
 But then again he said blessed are those who will not see but will believe. Many centuries have passed from the time when He
accompanied the fathers of our faith on the dusty roads of ancient Israel and now it is our turn to be the blessed ones whose hearts
will burn without seeing the Awesome Companion.

 But now we ought to ask a question to ourselves. How often do our hearts burn inside us when we hear the words of God, how often
do we pay attention to the fact that He is always with us, walking next to us at all times?
 Our lives are like that journey of a fairly short distance and sometimes “our eyes are holden that we should not know him”. During
His earthly ministry, Christ opened many blind eyes but in this case he allowed his disciples not to have their eyes opened.

 The same way he did not open the eyes of the Pharisees who thought that they had perfect sight. He cured physical blindness but he
did not interfere into the lives of those who thought that they were perfectly fine.

 He promised salvation to the thief who just simply asked for it. He gave resurrection to Lazarus because his sisters believed that
Christ was the source of life.
 He healed the Centurion's servant because no one else believed in Him as deeply as this man did. The story of these two travelers is
the story of our short life.

 Like Moses in the desert sometimes we do not recognize God’s presence until after he passes by. Like Jacob sometimes we wrestle
with God until we exhaust ourselves to helplessness.
 And finally only at the end of our days do we surrender our lives to the Loving hands of our Lord like the thief who had tried his
entire life to take by force something that is given freely in abundance--the fullness of the eternal life.     
“Did not our hearts burn within us, while He talked with us by the way,
and while he opened to us the Scriptures?”
Luke 24:32