Beloved brothers and sisters, these videos are live, unscripted "Conversations On the Theme". The Theme, as many of you already know, is our Lord
Jesus Christ on whom we try to concentrate during our discussions. These are conversations that will benefit every human being regardless of their
religious background. You will find in them spiritual and religious knowledge, psychological insights and most of all
Faith, Hope and Love.

Fr. Anthony Tandilyan

Dr. George Stavros
Relational Psychology and Spirituality in
Because God loved us so much, that He sent His Only Begotten Son, to find and  return His Children in to His Glory.  And you will
also discover love, because what  we do is a result of unconditional Love for God, for neighbor, and for self.  
Because we firmly believe in what we
say and strive to live by it.
Because the truth that we talk about is
our Hope

Celebration of His Holiness
Bartholomew I
Archbishop of Constantinople
New Rome