These three letters trigger fear in many countries of the world-including Europe, Japan and Brazil.  Many people can tell that GMO stands for genetically modified
organisms.  Genetically modified organisms are created as a result of moving genes across the traditional species boundaries of plants and animals in the quest
for new traits .  This powerful technology has been in use only since 1990s and it is changing what we eat, how much we eat, how we live and the global politics
of food.
The expression “you are what you eat” is becoming scarier every day. If it is true, then we have completely lost our self-awareness and identity because more
and more modern society is becoming unaware of the content that is consumed as food.  After harsh modification this products travel thousands of miles to be
on the dinner table or be eaten behind power steering wheel at the stoplight or on the highway.

GMO’s are drunk as well as eaten.  Some countries require labeling that provides information about modification but some countries like US and Canada don’t
even do that.  So millions of people eat and drink without having a slight idea how and how much their cupboards have been invaded by the modern technology.
Tests by the consumer groups have shown altered DNA in breakfast cereals; corn and tortilla chips; granola bars; cake and muffin mix; corn meal; diet drinks;
dog food; soy burgers; powdered chocolate drink; and taco shells. Even more so, GMOs were found in three types of baby food.

What is the gene, why and how is it being modified? And most importantly why is it morally, ethically and physiologically acceptable or  unacceptable to do so?
Answering these questions is the imperative of the modern era.  Some people don’t take it seriously, some don’t care, many are too busy to concentrate on the
source of the cheap food, some are afraid of losing their daily bread and keep quiet about it and some like Monsanto scientist Stephan Rogers make sarcastic
jokes about it saying; “Do you know why people fear DNA? Because criminals always leave it at the scene of a crime ”.

Jokes most of the time contain at least 50% of joke and humor but this one is a “pure truth”. It has many layers that if unfolded would cause us to stand up for
our rights and for our crushed identity.  Are we afraid of DNA? What is common between people and criminals? What do they understand by saying people, are
we talking about unique beings created in the image and the likeness of God or obese consumers of criminal production.
We all have the right to know the truth and proclaim it too.  It does not matter if it may hurt it does most of the time, but one day it will eventually set us free.