Since my childhood, the memories of time spent with my grandfather have been priceless. I was sitting next to him and talking together, asking
questions and listening to his wise stories and fairy tales --so are the spiritual treasures and the values attained by humanity passed from
generation to generation.

These become signposts during the whole of our life.

Years later, when my beloved grandfather had passed from this life to eternity, the discussions with him were replaced by independent search and
free reading.

No matter how wise a boy or girl is, this life is full of inevitable temptations and stray ways.  Each one of us can be honest with ourselves at least a
moment and admit many wrong choices. Such shortcomings affect our lives and the lives of the people around us.  

Many young people are distorting their future, right in front of our open eyes.  

Myself and many others like me would have gone into a dead end in life if the ‘Feast of Healthy Thoughts’ did not continue. This is a feast with
altruistic individuals who are ready to share their treasures and achievements with all those who are thirsty for wisdom.

These individuals are those selflessly dedicated persons who, according to the words of the great poet, Paruir Sevak,   “though passing away, don’
t disappear but become a firm foothold for the coming generations.”

During this short life, I have met many such people, clergy as well as lay persons and  have found spiritual kinship with many of them.  During my
teenage years, life-giving discussions with my grandfather were replaced by spiritual nourishment from my spiritual advisors to the present day.

These are persons who  teach  not just by words but through the continual striving of their  lives and by following the exemplary heroism of
spiritual endeavor. Who without any doubt can use the words of Roman Catholic Saint, Francis of Assisi: "Let us go and preach and use words if

The spiritual treasury of humanity is rich and multidimensional. It  is open to all those who do not avoid the narrow gate and work hard to be chosen
from those who are called.

Although spirituality is not a safe way in itself, but guidance and instruction is essential by those who have been at or close to the destination. As
one of my very good friends was used to say there are many spiritualities and spiritualisms out their, one must be extremely careful not to get
trapped. There are indeed countless spiritual practices in this world and some of them are more attractive than others, the promises also vary from
group to group, from movement to movement.

There is nothing to be surprised we have been warned about the wolves with sheep skins over and over again. Same wolves come in different
color skins in deferent times but the indicator is the same, define the specie by the fruit.  

Today we are called to pass onto the future generations the treasures which have been entrusted to us by those who have gone before us.

In every country and within every nation the feasts and joyous celebrations are an integral part of the culture. It has long been time to transform
the celebrations with mere foods into a feast of thoughts and food from heaven.  

The healthiness of those thoughts is the imperative of the time. The heart is the vessel of these thoughts and the purity of heart is the indicator of
such life.

Let us open our hearts to Christ and make it a dwelling place of His Holy Spirit for cleansing and purification of our thoughts.    

Thus, in this age of individualism and isolation, a modern way--this website--will be used to communicate in order to find like minded allies and to
exchange the wisdom that is within our reach.

Humbly yours Rev. Father Anthony S. Tandilyan M.T.S. Th. M. (Candidate)